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The “Sbaracco in Laguna”

The “Sbaracco in Laguna” is a kind of small trade festival that takes place twice a year (March and September) for 2-3 days of the weekend along Corso Italia. The shops set up their banquets from 9 in the morning until 9 at night, with continuous opening hours. The initiative is organized by the Natural Shopping Center of Orbetello, the traders offer a sort of “all out” of the previous season and therefore it is an event not to be missed for citizens and tourists. Not just “nice price”, because it will also be the right opportunity to preview subsequent collections in the full range of products. The Sbaracco is joined by shops that sell items of different kinds and therefore you can buy not only clothing and accessories, but also linen, perfumery and objects for the home, even at sale prices. In the era of alienation, of low-cost online shopping, of people who no longer leave their homes and who also order dinner online in fast food restaurants, therefore the loss of social fabric, relationships and real life, initiatives such as lo Sbaracco must be considered as an opportunity for socialization in which the merchant makes himself available even for the pure pleasure of seeing a person again or, more simply, to get to know him. And then it’s nice to review the course full of people, looking for opportunities or in the hope of being able to finally find that article in your wallet size.

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