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The Festivals of May (Feste di Maggio) in Orbetello

The “Feste di Maggio” are a series of events and parties, games between neighborhoods, flag-wavers parade, religious processions, musical entertainment, bingo in the square, walks and archaeological visits, in short, a very varied and composite program. The procession of the May festivals has always been an important moment for the lagoon community, an occasion to celebrate the boys and girls who, by tradition, receive confirmation in May.

Foto di Roberto Catani

Foto di Roberto Catani

Orbetello, in this week of celebration (approximately 11-14 May), is filled with tourists and onlookers, the streets of the center become a real open-air garden. The stretch of procession “to the sea”, where the Patron Saint is brought from the Ansedonia fishmongers to Orbetello, passing through the Levante Lagoon, is perhaps one of the most exciting and evocative moments, but just as fascinating is seeing the cart pulled by Maremma oxen and the large supply of cowboys following the relics of San Biagio. The May festivals are organized by the Pro Loco Lagunare with the patronage of the Municipality of Orbetello.

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