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Sport Acquatici


Talamone is a paradise for kitesurfers. In summer the thermal wind every day makes it possible to practice this discipline in the bay where there are numerous kite areas.





The windsurfing areas are mainly in Talamone, but it is also possible to find them in some points of the Tombolo della Giannella and Feniglia.






Depending on the storms it is possible to surf in different spots.






If you are looking for waves, the spots are the same as those of surfing. On the other hand, it is possible to walk with the calmer sea on all our beaches, perhaps discovering caves or ancient Etruscan ruins.





There are numerous sailing clubs in the area on both bobbins, it is also possible to sail inside the Eastern Lagoon starting from the Orbetello Rowing Club.





The calm waters of the lagoon are perfect for training, always starting from the Rowing Club of Orbetello.






Mainly along the coasts of the Argentario and in Talamone there are several diving centers that will allow you to explore our seabed.







Practicable from our beaches or from boats.

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