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In the Lagoon with the boat “Remus”

If instead you want to make your children experience the thrill of sailing in the lagoon we offer you a trip with the boat “REMUS” with which you can walk the Lagoon of Levante and enjoy the naturalistic beauties, the landscape and the suggestive glance of the village seen from the water which is certainly something excellent. In addition, occasionally, fishermen can be crossed at work with their boatmen who are intent on fishing in the traditional way. “Remus” is a boat capable of carrying up to 38 passengers on guided tours during which the activity of lagoon fishing inserted in the historical and social context is illustrated to understand why the implementation of traditional techniques used for the processing of fish and therefore the production of typical fish products. You can also taste typical aperitifs at sunset.

For info and reservations: +39.340 4767460



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