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From Orbetello to Porto Ercole

The itinerary is about 9 kilometers long, completely flat. Except for two cycle crossings, the route does not present any difficulties, nor particular dangers to pay attention to. Given its characteristics this itinerary is passable by everyone and with any type of bicycle. The cycle path starts from the forecourt of the Orbetello-Monte Argentario railway station, in Orbetello Scalo. Taking the track, follow the shore overlooking the Laguna di Ponente. Here you can meet the nature typical of marsh environments: there are numerous species of birds, including the beautiful pink flamingos; you can observe them mainly during autumn and winter. Going forward along the route, along the historic center, once passed, take the Dam, built in 1841 by Leopold II of Lorraine, who connects Orbetello to Monte Argentario and divides the lagoon of Orbetello into two bodies of water: Laguna di Levante and Laguna di Ponente. Until 1944, the railway connecting Orbetello to Porto Santo Stefano also passed through it.  On the right you can admire the enchanting Mill: the only remaining windmill in the series of nine built by the Sienese and later restored by the Spaniards. The mill emerges suggestively from the waters of the lagoon and represents one of the symbols of Orbetello; it is circular in shape with conical cover and rear wind propeller and, together with the others, was used to grind the grain that was brought with the barges (typical Orbetellane boats) to the inhabitants of the city. This stretch of cycle path is truly breathtaking. Cycling in the center of the lagoon enjoying a splendid view of the entire surrounding environment, on the left you can admire the tombolo of feniglia, while on the right that of the Giannella.

Foto di Alessandro Amadio

At the end of the Dam you have to cross the road (we therefore recommend getting off the bike) and proceed towards Porto Ercole, thus enteringagain on a cycle pathup to the Feniglia junction. At this point you must cross the road again (here too we advise you to get off the bike) and continue straight towards Porto Ercole. A couple more kilometers and you will find yourself in the beautiful seaside village of Porto Ercole.

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