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Duna di Feniglia State Nature Reserve

Foto di Mario Dunchi

Foto di Maurizio Castiglioni

Duna di Feniglia State Nature Reserve, established in 1971 and managed by the State Forestry Corps, covers an area of ​​474 hectares and is six kilometers long. The entire reserve is crossed by an unpaved road, closed to urban traffic, and is an ideal area for running, walking or cycling in the countryside. The reserve separates the open sea from the Eastern Lagoon of Orbetello. At regular intervals, of about 1 km, there are paths that lead directly to the homonymous and uncontaminated beach or to the lagoon shore. The part overlooking the lagoon is equipped with huts for ornithological observation. Inside the reserve there is both a path with wooden exercise equipment and a nature path for the blind. The vegetation consists of maritime pines, domestic pines, holm oaks, cork oaks, junipers, shrubs of the Mediterranean scrub, etc. The fauna is instead made up of many deer, some wild boars, foxes, badgers and other rodents. Along the path you will also find the stele in memory of Caravaggio, it seems that in 1610 the famous painter was found dying on this beach and then died soon after.




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