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Carnival fiction in Orbetello

Foto di Roberto Catani

The Carnival Fiction is a summer event born in 2012 and developed through various editions with different characteristics up to the current appearance, which is configured as a real summer carnival. Masks and allegorical floats animate the historic center until the evening, when a DJ-set comes into play that makes everyone dance until late at night.

Foto di Roberto Catani

The peculiarity of Carnival Fiction is the originality of masks and groups often marked by satire and student spirit, the right spirit is fun and the creative imagination of the Orbetello people comes out in all its most irreverent aspects. A shortened version of the times and dates of the more complete and traditional winter carnival, which generally takes place between the end of January and February, but no less colorful and cheerful, indeed perhaps more “accelerated” certainly from the musical point of view, with interesting guests to the console. Generally, unless otherwise specified, Carnival Fiction takes place in August and lasts 1/2 days depending on the related events.

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