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Botanical gardens and farm animals

Also worth a visit is the BOTANICAL DRY GARDEN,a botanical garden that covers an area of 40,000 square meters without irrigation systems. The colors and scents of over 1500 species and varieties of plants present in the park will envelop you in a 360-degree sensory experience. Mediterranean plants live in synergy creating a dynamic landscape in hours, days and seasons with a reduced maintenance load compared to a traditional green type and with a precise message of attention, respect and understanding for nature.

We know how much children love animals and why not take them to Visit farm animals. A few steps from the dairy of the “La Parrina” estate you can take a pleasant walk and go and visit their farm animals. Visits are particularly suitable for families with children because the relationship between children and animals provides unique stimuli, especially in the stages of development. By creating a positive relationship with animals, children develop just as much positivity towards humans, towards nature and what surrounds them. The knowledge of the environment and respect for nature, the encounter with the rural world and farm life, the habits of animals and the rediscovery of the agricultural world represent real learning units that in our time risk being forgotten. Contact with the earth and its fruits is an excellent point for building responsible mindsets and behaviors aimed at respecting oneself and the environment.

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