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Foto di Lorenzo Babbanini


“Lumen – A participatory art project for Albinia” which was attended by four artists from different personal backgrounds and from various parts of the world, interacting and creating works under the eyes of passers-by. The initiative, proposed by the Agape non-profit association, financed by the resources of “Toscanaincontemporanea 2019” of the Tuscany Region with the patronage of the Municipality of Orbetello and the collaboration of the Art School of Grosseto and the Kansassìti association, required the sending of projects for site specific installations aimed at artists under 35 active in the visual arts sector, with the possibility of designing permanent works, such as sculptural installations, street art or artistic elements of urban furniture. The theme at the center of the event is light, understood as an expressive means capable of revealing reality and at the same time transfiguring it, involving the viewer in an immersive sensory experience. And speaking of light, of course, Enel could not miss that with E-Distribuzione, the company of the electricity group that manages the medium and low voltage electricity grid, made available the electrical substation in Via Maremmana, next to the kindergarten. municipal, to make it an object of street art.




In the heart of the Maremma, between the hills of Capalbio and the sea, there is a very special artistic park: the Tarot Garden. Born from the imagination of the French sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle, the Garden collects its statues inspired by the figures of the major arcana of the tarot deck, which give life to an esoteric path, inspired by the wonderful Parc Güell by Gaudi in Barcelona. Influenced by the soft shapes and majestic constructions of the Catalan architect, Niki de Saint Phalle began to build the works at her own expense and with the collaboration of her husband Jean Tinguly. The sculptures from twelve to fifteen meters high, are made internally with iron rods of various thickness and cast in concrete: a special weave that has made these “cyclopean papers” also anti-seismic. Later the works were covered with mirror mosaics, Murano glass and ceramics. Some works were created by other artists, such as the ceramic benches placed outside the garden, the iron and ceramic chairs inside the empress and the furnishings of the ticket office, the work of Pierre Marie Lejeune. The frescoes inside the magician are by the painter Alan Davie, the sculpture placed inside the priestess is by Marina Karella, while the construction of the ticket office was entrusted to the architect Mario Botta. By the artist’s will, there are no guided tours in the Tarot Garden to leave to the visitors’ interpretation.


Open from 28 March to 15 October

Reservation is required




“The Tarot Garden” Foundation

Loc. Garavicchio, Pescia Fiorentina

Capalbio (GR)

Tel: +39 0564 895122

Fax: +39 0564 895700



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